About VRLA

Verbatim Reporters of Louisiana (VRLA) is a legal non-profit corporation registered with the state of Louisiana.

In 2004, after meetings of the court reporting community, Capital Area Shorthand Reporters Association, Louisiana Verbatim Reporters Association and Western Louisiana Professional Court Reporters Association joined forces to become one professional association representative of all reporters in the state of Louisiana.

These three organizations recognized the need to have communication and representation among all reporters in the state, including freelance, officials, CART, captioning, legal videographers, and students of reporting schools, regardless of the method of reporting.

Of the approximately 1000 certified reporters in the state, many reporters felt the need to speak with a single voice for the future of their profession. The objective is to become a strong professional organization that will fairly represent all reporters in the state of Louisiana. By joining forces, VRLA stands as a large number of individuals throughout the state with strength to represent the court reporting profession to the legal community and the public as a necessary and essential part of the judicial system. The reporting profession is being attacked from many sides and all reporters must work to raise awareness of the importance of the reporters’ responsibilities.

VRLA employs a lobbyist to oversee any legislation affecting the court reporting profession. The cost of the lobbyist is considered a taxable cost, and, in order to raise the funds needed to pay the lobbyist, VRLA hosts continuing education seminars at least once per year to raise the funds needed to pay the lobbyist, and to enable court reporters to obtain the continuing education credits mandated by state-licensing requirements.

Join VRLA today or contact us at info@vrlaonline.org with any questions. We are here to help!

VRLA Leadership

Margie Betts

Caroline Escudé

Yolanda Pena

Betty Glissman

Debbie Villien
Three-Year Director

Deana Dautel
Two-Year Director

Desiree Delatte
One-Year Director